Tuesday, 14 July 2009

- Welcome to the world of Amapola Blooming

To me, being a migrant means that we sacrifice part of our life in the search of a new adventure.

In the last years I have realised that besides missing the obvious (the weather, my family & friends), there is one thing that I miss with pain: my active involvement in writing, the required discipline and the gift of inspiration.

Back then in the early 90's I was part of a literary movement called "Movimiento Interiorista", guided by the Dominican literary critic Bruno Rosalio Candelier. As a result, my poems were published in 3 collective publications and I was on the road to achieve my childhood dream of becoming a writer.

But leaving my home country, simply shifted my place of inspiration and it took me long years to find it back. You could call it a 'writer's block', but to me it felt as if my creative bubble belonged to my bedroom back at my parent's place and not in the moody weather and the language of The Netherlands.

This blog intends to fill that space - Through publishing and exercising my writing, I hope to create connections with other people who identify with my story and my texts.

If you love to write, please feel free to share your views. If you love to read, I hope to be able to inspire you.