Saturday, 30 July 2011

Doing the dishes

I live alone and I love doing the dishes. That's what I’m doing right now. I wonder what my mum would say if she just saw me. Me, the rebellious teenager who used to avoid the sexist chores in our ever-busy Dominican kitchen, now finds this daily task soothing and fascinating.

I feel the softness of the foam and the sponge caress the most inanimate and necessary objects. I’m washing round plates, which are my favourite, because I love to draw hearts and circles, and that is exactly what I’m doing: I’m drawing circles and hearts and circles and hearts and thinking of David, the man I love to cook for.

I rinse the last plates as the hot tap water runs through my hands. I switch to a fresher temperature. Now I'm dreaming of tropical Dominican rain and summer with David as my bachelor kitchen begins to look spotless.
May 2011

Saturday, 16 July 2011

To us, to them, to the universe, and specially for you, Diederik.

I came here to listen
to the birds, to the sunny grass,
and those rainy mornings.

I came here to listen
to strangers, to new faces,
to new allies.

I came here to listen
to your noises, to your silences
to our voices.

I came here to listen
to your fears, to our call,
to your passions.

I came here to listen
to your music, to the scratches,
to our harmony.

I came here to listen
to my source, to my fragilities,
to our strength.

I came here to listen
to our tune, to our songs,
to the sorrows of our planet.

I came here to listen
to your movements, to your rythm,
to our beat.

I came here to listen.

No wonder we can all dance again.