Friday, 29 April 2011

Through the Window of Life

The window at a hotel somewhere... dawn or sunset, every beginning has an end, and viceversa.

Beautiful spring blossoms looking out to...

 A second later after my previous pic, surprisingly, the flowers gave birth to an ant...

 And this could be us in just a few seconds from now...

You can buy these and put them on your son's gravestone... his name was Daniel, he was only nine years old.

 But I believe there will always be spring to watch over us.

 and make us spark, even after we are long gone.

Life and death, ying-yang... halves of a same equation.


 "Lee, our braveheart". I never met him. He was only nineteen.


and Michelle was his girlfriend... (a close-up the heart of the previous picture).


A lot has been buried, except love.

 The spark on the gravestone is the reflection of the sun - I love how it connects to pointing chime, and to the coloured balls and the fairy and the leaves above.  Everything, living or dead, is interconnected.

Another bright spark resulting from the reflecting sun- it seems to reflect on the light of the flowers hanging above while giving light to the pink flowers below. At the back, there are angels and faith everywhere.

The sun, above everything!

Friday, 22 April 2011

Any would do

A tender kiss,
a meaningful letter, 
a caring moment,
a long love story.

Any would do,

Monday, 4 April 2011

What's love got to do with us?

What's love got to do with us?  | The desire to be desired, the hunger? | The impatient egoes that get in the way? | Our fabricated insecurities? | Being afraid to speak freshly, lovingly, kindly? | The common failures in our individual stories? | The fear to be in pain again? | The annoying "ifs" that never happened? | The thirst for connection and youthful passion? | The tongue-biting silence that keeps us lying? | The invented excuses to delay togetherness? | The hidden dreams? | The rational focus on sex, the blissful pleasure? | Losing our deceiving freedom, our stubborn claims of not being ready? | What's love got to do with it all, but haunt us? | If we don't surrrender to it, that is.