Friday, 18 February 2011

The muscle of my love


 Presentimiento, from the series Vanitas by Fernando Vicente

In the kindest embrace

and the saddest letting go,

the muscle of my love

longs for touching you

as it hopes to be touched by yours

and stay strong and flexible.

Through between the rusty bars

of the darkest prison,

the fingers of my love

yearn to caress your cheeks

and reach your hands

even for the faintest instant.

The muscle of my love

awakes and reaches out,

stretching its open arms,

languishing to hold you firmly,

to wrap you gently, to feel you softly

in the feeblest of the nights.

Like a dancer who can’t speak

of the future or of the past,

my love for you moves about;

at times clumsily, at times graciously,

as the muscle of my love sings freedom

at the mere thought of your bare beauty.


Amapola Blooming (aka Poppy) said...

In this poem, the spaces are intended - i want it to read in slow motion.

Amapola Blooming (aka Poppy) said...

... and breath