Monday, 4 April 2011

What's love got to do with us?

What's love got to do with us?  | The desire to be desired, the hunger? | The impatient egoes that get in the way? | Our fabricated insecurities? | Being afraid to speak freshly, lovingly, kindly? | The common failures in our individual stories? | The fear to be in pain again? | The annoying "ifs" that never happened? | The thirst for connection and youthful passion? | The tongue-biting silence that keeps us lying? | The invented excuses to delay togetherness? | The hidden dreams? | The rational focus on sex, the blissful pleasure? | Losing our deceiving freedom, our stubborn claims of not being ready? | What's love got to do with it all, but haunt us? | If we don't surrrender to it, that is.


Keysi said...

We should be, just be!
For when we are no more,
there will not even be time for regrets.
The more we sink the love of now
into the what if of the future,
or the were not of the past
the more the love us now will pass us by.

We should be, just be: Now or never!

Amapola Blooming (aka Poppy) said...

Wow, thank you Keysi - loving it more and more :-)