Saturday, 21 March 2009

Spring's Eve


Fresh hope springs
Breathing goddess of life
She beckons,
I bow
I: Fresh hope springs
The sun filters through the thin white curtains of my living room. It softly touches my eyes as if beckoning me to go outside. It's the last day of the winter and its concealed life is about to bloom. The branches start flirting with the blue sky, showing their first signs of green and the soil that sustains the trees is no longer muddy and dark.


Soon the ground will give birth to rainbows of life and wild flowers will run free on the countryside meadows. And in the homes of those who waited patiently, motherly hands will hold their newborn gardens in their arms, feeding their beauty with loving-kindness.

The generosity of nature will gift our senses with prismatic melodies: radiant tunes sang in the voices of restless birds, spread like surprising psychedelic landscapes of colourful silk; all absorbed by the insatiable thirst of every living creature at the cracking of a fresh day.

II: Breathing
Spring is marching towards us. Defying any obstacle, she finds her way through the lazy old winter: determination defeats stubbornness and the winter melts at her slightest touch of breath as if saying: “you are too beautiful to resist”.

The law of nature imposes itself upon any human-made climatic disturbance and in her very own way Spring claims victory over her non-violent battle. “You have made my journey difficult”. She says to us humans. “But the colours I carry do not fade as I struggle. Their blood is pure, their strength is divine and my unselfishness is endless”.

Spring speaks with a voice as clear and convincing as the water from the deepest and most ancient wells. She knows the breath of her poetry is tangible, she knows it transcends any language as it needs no encryptions, nor a logical understanding. It is her presence that speaks through our senses; it is us who translate her glory into canvases, perfumes and verses.

Spring is nearly here.

III: Goddess of Life

She is erotic, virginal, sensual and loving; she inspires us with desires of life and freedom and fills us with hope and warmth in the darkest and coldest of the nights. She teaches us about her promises and the rich harvests ahead. Vast and detailed, her wisdom always answers with a smile. She has no secrets, she is loyal and when she retreats, her caressing memories hold us alive.

Spring is a goddess with no religion. She is as real as the bones that keep us erect and the muscles that make us mobile. Spring is prayer and answer, a deity at grasp. She needs no temple for she is pantheon, awakening, sprightliness and shrine.

Spring is our mother, our gift, divine; the very essence of unspoiled life.

IV: She beckons, I bow

The sun is still waving at me from outside and I need no reckon. I am ready to join Spring in her journey and I will run to the river shore to meet the ship on which she is traveling.

The clocks are ticking with anxiety and the drums of the soil are beating incessantly. And when Spring sets foot on the impatient humus, each step she takes will leave a lasting print of vivid, sprouting life.

I will stand in line along tender stems and naked trees, and as she passes by and beckons, I will bow deeply and make my offer: to be another seed that undisputedly surrenders to her blessing affection.

She will then pronounce her unique and only promise:

“I will never forsake you”. She will say.

Everything will start to transform and without any resistance, without any regret, for many dawns and sunsets, her glory will blossom and reign.


Spring smiled at my offer and whispered her unique and only promise in my ear. And as she walked away, I felt embracing roots growing from within my heart, loving blossoms exploded all around me like heavenly fireworks and I laughed at the tingly touch of the teasing grass germinating under my bare feet.

I started to dance to the beats of the soil, and prismatic melodies of excited birds sang along the beat and the stump. As a mantra, the echo of the Spring resonated repeatedly from within the earth and spread across and between the highest mountains.  Her answers and her prayers blended with the celebration of the life her footprints created and she too, sang and danced through our voices and the pulse of our pure blood.

 Victorious Spring is here!

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