Saturday, 21 March 2009

Spring's Eve Poetry (my first attempt at haiku)


Imperfection, flaws

Dwelling beauty, raw lining

Patiently she blooms

Tears on a canvas

In awe, blossoming smiles stare
The brush dries silent

No longer concealed

Her pain bursts in fresh laughter
Lotus rivers flow


Cracking sand, despair

Thirsty waves retreat in greed
To bathe in moist salt

Raindrops kiss the roof

The heat of the tin responds
With tiny steam blows

Burning cheeks, a child

Tries to pull clouds with her kite
Before the monsoon


The golden light bends
Asking the trees for a dance

Dark long shadows bow

Crispy chocolate

Cracks under the firm bare soles
Grateful, the soil grins

Dim honey skies melt
In the pastures and forests

The last green pearls fade


A dancing feather
Cotton blowing in the wind

High flocks flee southwest

Thawing as he snores

Furry crystal balls fall on
The sleepy bear’s nose

Wool carpets of snow

Shelter my shivering skin

Goose down warms my bed

1 comment:

Olivier said...

Gracias por el comentario que hiciste referente a las cosas que he verdad es que para mi es una manera de canalizar mis emociones y a la vez me da la oportunidad de conocerme mas a fondo....
Que Bueno que creaste tu propio blog, asi puede expresar por medio de la escritura muchas cosas que tal ves se te hace dificil expresar en palabras a otra persona o simplemente disfrutar de la escritura....