Thursday, 10 June 2010


How can i explain
there is no relief
for this latent pain
which eases when i cry
and returns when i smile
it’s all fucked up inside
it feels like a vice
denying happiness
to my beatless heart

I feel this violence
breaking me, it bounces
when i feel your absence
hitting me back
crushing my senses
killing my defenses
it’s all so senseless
i crack like a wrack
i long for your presence
my love’s been sacked

It’s so intrusive
and so abusive
i feel delusive
it’s so reclusive
when you’re elusive
to be exclusive
when you’re decisive
to keep us apart

How can i explain
i know no way
to pack my feelings
and get away
i can only stray
i know it’s in vain
to ask you back
to beg you to stay

It’s driving me insane
i drain in your disdain
when i feel your essence
chained to my veins

How can i explain
there is no relief
for this latent grief
which eases when i scream
and returns when i sleep

it’s all messed up indeed

it feels like a creed
to live by your greed
i don’t cease to bleed
please hear my plea

free me from this need

It’s so fucked up
to carry this weight
there is no escape
this is my fate
to be your prisoner

I feel my decay

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