Wednesday, 5 May 2010

My love for you (inspired in you, whom I still need to find)

My love for you 
was born before I knew 
my own flesh, my own voice 
or the soft womb that brought me
to this spot, to this only now 

My love for you 
cried and crawled out to life 
far before the genesis
far before dust was named star 
or mother earth our only goddess 

My love for you is older 
than all the ancient things 
we can recall but not count 
It is larger than the glorious sun 
and bolder than all his companions   

My love for you 
is greater than mind or matter 
yet humble, yet grand, 
yet flawed, for i attempt to name it 
with miniature words of childhood  

My love for you is beyond my eyes 
a landscape of crystal horizons, 
a prism of light and dark, yet no shadows
as I dare to reach out,  far out, 
musingly, in amazement

My love for you is placeless,
nameless, divine, never reckless
It is made of wind, of wholeness
of soothing emptiness, and you, 

your touch, your breath, sculpt all it is

My love for you rises high
as we travel forward to its origin
like playful kites, like newborn comets
like floating angel-eagles 
with shut eyes and wide open wings 

April 2008 | 5 May 2010

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